Plans To Make The USA A Magnet

Department of Commerce in tandem with the Federal Government is actively recruiting foreign businesses to bring investments and jobs to the US. The endeavor will coordinate support for states and localities in order to level the playing field for US cities and states competing against heads of states for industrialized countries. The mission is to attract investment, create single points of contact for businesses looking to bring jobs and products to the U.S. and to actively work to bring jobs to U.S. This is the core priority teams at Commerce and State.

The United States is not only open for business, it is also enticing foreign investment with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational opportunities for CEOs and the children, assistance with infrastructure and R&S spending, less red tape and more.

This was announced at the SelectUSA investment summit in Washington on Thursday, October 31. In an article for the Council On Foreign Relations, Rebecca Strauss wrote, “Foreign policymakers are perplexed by the U.S. obsession with U.S. decline …  To them, the United States is far and away the best place to invest, and they would do anything to have the assets the United States has. Healthy self-criticism is always great, but the United States needs to keep its problems in perspective.”

As the Political, Economic, and Social tranquility is increasingly challenged in foreign countries, major foreign news media are now reporting on the US plan and work in progress. For example, the Mexican newspaper El Economista reported on June 4, 2014,



Joe Vera
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